I know I haven’t blogged in so long but I thought I would share this heart felt story to you and the entire world. What I love about what I do is that I get to be up close and personal with the customers that fly on the planes. Prior, I wasn’t able to do it as much, I meant I could, but it wasn’t as personal nor did not have the opportunity to get to know the people, and when I did, it was with little time, because I was always pressured working on the ground that I had no time. And most of you that know me very well, I’m a huge people person and I love to meet new people. Being a flight attendant i’m able to do that.

Last week with my flight crew, I was sitting in the gate area in New York on our way to St. Louis, the flight we were working. We met a family from Pennsylvania who was traveling all the way to Little Rock. There was a grandmother, mother, and a little guy named Rocco, who was 7 years. The mother kept telling how she admired what we do and how heart warming flight attendants are, which was comforting. We obliged, appreciated the thought. We then asked where they were headed, and they stated that they were taking Rocco to have surgery. There was a specialist in Little Rock that they would go see to treat his AVM (arteriovenous malformationthat he has on his lip. This would be his 12th surgery at only 7 years old, which made my heart drop.
While on the plane I had conversations with them, and Rocco happened to be a HUGE 49er fan, which I am. We did not talk much about his surgery the next day but from the looks of it he was ready, calm and a warrior going into it.
As much as I wanted to do more and help the family out I was able to do little gestures for him. I had this lighted pen that I bought because when I usually take orders on the plane and couldn’t see, I would use that pen. I gave that to him, and he loved it. He was able to take photos in the flight deck with the pilots and got to see what’s up there. I also got along with the family very well, his grandmother, Carol, and I were making jokes and having fun conversation while in the air.
We were running late going to St. Louis from New York, and because of that they had to change planes in St. Louis and had little time to connect on their way to Little Rock. Long story short, they made it to Little Rock.
Before the flight reached St. Louis and we had to go our separate ways I exchanged email addresses and hospital information with the mother, Amy. Rocco was treated at the Arkansas Children’s hospital in Little Rock. I called the hospital the next day and was able to send him a little gift the gift shop chose for me.
Amy emailed me two days later and mentioned to me that his surgery was a successful one and Rocco is recovering very well.
I know I’m not a healer, or could not donate a lot of money or time in the world, but being able to do the littlest things and getting to know the people that fly can truly make someones day, it for sure can make mine. Even though Rocco’s surgery was successful, he still has the road ahead for recovery and hopefully is healed from such a disease. I ask that each and everyone one of you pray for my new friends Rocco and his family. Thanks for letting me share this.


click HERE to learn more about Rocco and AVM and ROCCOS WISH 

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