I had the opportunity to go to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to check out how they celebrate DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. They celebrate their version of “Halloween” for more than a day, compared to how the Americans do it. A weekend long filled with parades festivals and folklore performances of music and dance. It’s more a celebration of life of the loved ones and the nations celebrities and known names who’ve also passed. During Dia De Los Muertos, which the official date is November 2nd, many people would go to cemetery’s where loved ones were buried and being their favorite food drink as well as presents in belief that they would come and join them in their afterlife. Their culture would also make altars of their photos and color decorate it with memorabilia as well as their favorite foods which would include a lot of bread fruit and alcoholic drinks which you could see being set up on the streets of Mexico.

Thanks to the Disney Pixar Movie COCO for inspiring me in being a part of beautiful celebration of life. Makes us Americans looks really bad celebrating Halloween. Lol.

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