First time I came to the beautiful Aloha State I told myself I need to come here once a year because of how much I fell in love with the islands. In a couple of weeks I can’t wait to step foot on the sugar powdered sand of Lanikai to just lay out and enjoy the 2 deserted islands from a distance.



I’m a very outdoorsy person and i’m a big fan of hikes. I’ve heard so much about the Manoa Waterfall hike because of the clear blue waters just falling from the mountain top, and maybe even take a dive in the clear cool waters taking in the island nature. 



I’m not the best surfer but I have to step on the SURFBOARD, and ride the waves in North Shore and try to hang loose with the best of the best around the world. Even if its on a paddle board, but i don’t think you’d want to paddle board the high waves pipeline unless you’re a pro at it. 



My mother and sister had a passion for hula dancing, so growing up I would follow the Hawaiian culture and I fell in love with the story behind the art and just the culture itself. It felt like this state is in a country of its own. 


I have to check the Luaus whenever I go to Hawaii because of the food and entertainment. 


Theres so much to list and do in such little time, but in a couple of weeks i’ll be in DA KINE KICKIN OFF MY SUMMER TOUR 2014. ALOHA! 




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